Why Choose This Mask?

Proven to Destroy COVID-19*

Our washable and reusable masks have been scientifically proven to destroy over 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, as per ISO 18184 protocol testing conducted at the Freie Universität of Berlin, in Germany.

Principle of the Livinguard Technology

The fundamental basis of the Livinguard Technology is its polycationic (multicharged) surface that acts to attract, trap and destroy microorganisms without leaching. The Livinguard textile, with approximately 24 billion charges per square centimetre, acts as a positive “magnet” for the negative charges of viruses and bacteria. The microorganisms are thus trapped and safely disintegrated without leaching. This principle has been described in literature for almost two decades but its practical application has, until now,been very limited.

3 Layers of Protection

Outer Layer

Our unique patented Tripellent Technology on the Outer layer offers 3 levels of protection:

Livinguard Antiviral and repellent coating on the outside of the fabric**

Livinguard Antiviral Technology bonded into the fabric itself*

Livinguard Antiviral and repellent coating on the inside of the fabric**

Middle Layer

Filters Continuously

Non-woven industry-standard filter channels viruses for destruction to the outer or inner layers. Sandwiched between disinfecting fabrics, it is protected from biological contamination, allowing the mask to be safely washed and reused. The unique design of the mask ensures it filters 99.995% of the coronavirus.

Inner Layer

Protects Comfortably

Denser than the Outer layer, and also treated with Livinguard Antiviral Technology, the fabric provides powerful inactivation of corona virus.* Quick-drying with low humidity, the soft and stretchy fabric gives a comfortable fit for the mouth and nose. This specially treated fabric has 36 billion positive charges / cm2.

* Tested to destroy >99% of corona virus as per ISO 18184 protocol** Testing ongoing


"Fits like a glove. Love the look of it too."

Hannah Landry
Manager, Addiction and Mental Health Branch, Alberta Health at Government of AlbertaEdmonton, Alberta, Canada

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